Wednesday, October 21, 2015

FiveoMotorsport Dealer Discounts on Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pumps

FiveoMotorsport is now offering dealer discounts from 10-30% off the listed prices on our website.  These discounts will apply to our custom, flow-matched fuel injector sets and aftermarket fuel pumps.  Discounts are based on part numbers and quantity ordered.  If you own a performance parts store or you are a professional tuner and have an idea of which parts and quantities you are interested in purchasing, we can give you a direct quote.

We appreciate all inquiries from qualified professionals, and we look forward to working with your company.

Thank you for contacting FiveoMotorsport.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

FiveoMotorsport vs Injector Dynamics

FiveoMotorsport is introducing our newest 2200cc Bosch fuel injectors.  This injector comes in the standard Bosch length and can be equipped with a top hat to fit most US/European and Asian import applications.  The new 2200 cc/min fuel injectors have the Bosch EV1 electrical connector plug which will be a direct fit for many applications.  We also have "plug and play" adapters and pigtail connectors available for all other applications.

Injector Dynamics sells their ID2000 for $240.00/each.  Fiveomotorsport delivers the same quality Bosch 2000+ cc fuel injectors at a fraction of the competitor's price--Fiveo's injectors are currently priced at $159.95/each for the exact same injector.  ID removes the Bosch part number from the injector and pretends like they have invented some new product.  ID will claim they have a different fuel injector than we do, but the fact is we both deliver premium quality, factory-direct Bosch fuel injectors--we just choose to offer them to our customers at a fair price.  FiveoMotorsport vs. Injector Dynamics -- Now you know the truth.

More details can be found using the link below...