Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reaching Out to Local Tuners, continued...

If you read my initial post, we have been looking for a few guys willing to test some Fiveomotorsport fuel injectors in their street-performance cars.  I recently sent Ron from PhatBotti tuning a new set of our 1600cc injectors for his 02 WRX 2.5L GTX3582.  His build thread on the NASIOC forum can be found here.

We also sent a new set of our WRX 2100cc injectors to his engine builder to install in his HTA86 Subaru. We are looking forward to the install and tune, and we are hoping to get some good pictures and video up of his car in action very soon--so you can look forward to seeing that in the weeks ahead.

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  1. Thanks for giving me great insight while I plan to tune my Subaru WRX. I cant wait to come back to this blog and find out about the recent releases in after market Subaru parts and installations. My brother just purchased Subaru OEM parts, a turbo kit and a new timing belt. It is going to be a great experience tuning our cars together. Thanks for sharing.