Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fiveomotorsport Custom 117 Series 1000cc/min Flow Matched Fuel Injectors

One of our latest product offerings is the new Fiveomotorsport custom 117 series 1000cc/min fuel injectors.  All of our custom work is performed by highly qualified technicians using industry-standard equipment to produce the highest quality product available for use in the most demanding street and racing applications.  Each 1000cc injector has been individually tested on the newest technology equipment available. Dynamic and static flow rates and dead times over the entire voltage range (8-16 volts) are recorded, and injectors are placed in matched sets. Custom flow matched sets will include a flow data sheet showing information for your specific set of fuel injectors to help ensure an easy tune and linear performance at idle, at cruising speeds around town, and at high RPM. All Fiveomotorsport injectors are backed by our best-in-the-business warranty.

These Fiveomotorsport 117 Series injectors boast excellent low pulse-width response with predictable, lightening-fast response.  Our custom single-hole ball/disc fuel delivery nozzle provides an excellent spray pattern and superior fuel atomization for modern multi-valve engines.  This injector set will require no more than a 1% trim for easy tuning.

Single hole ball/disc fuel delivery nozzle