Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fiveomotorsport Black-Ops Series 1400cc Fuel Injectors

The Fiveomotorsport custom, flow matched Black-Ops series 1400cc or 133 lbs/hr fuel injectors are now ON SALE! and custom fit for all US domestic and European applications:
Fuel Injector Specifications:
Coil Resistance: 12.5 OHMS (high impedance)
Flow rate range: 1380-1420 cc/min (you will get a set that is exactly matched to within 0.5%).
Overall injector length: 74 mm - 2.9 in
O-ring to o-ring length, on center: 65 mm - 2.6 in
Injector Body Diameter: 17.1 mm - 0.70 in
Upper o-ring diameter: 14 mm
Lower o-ring diameter: 14 mm
O-ring material: Viton (upper & lower)
Latency (dead-time):  0.535 milliseconds @ 16 Volts

The Black-Ops series 1400cc fuel injector is also available in import fit, or what is currently often referred to as sport compact fit with slightly different dimensions shown below.

Upper o-ring diameter: 11 mm
Lower o-ring diameter: 16 mm  import seal

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