Friday, September 14, 2012

Fiveomotorsport Jeep Fuel Injectors Stage 1 Upgrades

Fiveomotorsport has many options for stock replacement fuel injectors and Stage 1 injector upgrades for Jeep enthusiasts.  First of all, here's a little backgraound on the different products we offer for Jeep applications.

1. Jeep Original Equipment (OEM) fuel injectors

Fiveo offers brand-new Bosch, and Ford Racing fuel injectors for Jeep original equipment replacements.  Your best bet is to contact us to see which injectors are right for your application.  There is also a wealth of information on the various Jeep forums out there on the web. Many times the original manufacturer will stop production on parts for older model Jeeps; therefore, installing a cross-referenced fuel injector is the only option.

Cross referencing is the procedure of carefully selecting alternate fuel injectors to replace your original equipment (OE) injectors--the injectors that came with your vehicle.  By studying the specifications and analyzing the fit and function of the thousands of available fuel injectors in our inventory, we can almost always find a brand-new, direct replacement injector that will mimic your stock Jeep injector in every way.  The flow rate will match, the internal coil resistance will match, the spray pattern and fuel delivery will be the same, or in many cases will improve when using a brand-new, cross-referenced stock replacement in place of an OE Jeep injector.  Your vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) will never know the difference and will have no trouble with tuning and running the new fuel injectors.We stock many new fuel injectors that perform to original OEM Jeep specifications, and every fuel injector we sell is backed by our incredible 3-year warranty!

3.  Jeep Stage 1 Fuel Injector Upgrades

Stage 1 upgrade fuel injectors are required for Jeeps with slight to moderate modification which will require an increased amount of fuel being delivered to your intake system.  When your engine requires more fuel at intake because of certain modifications, and an OE injector is no longer an option, then bumping up to a higher output fuel injector is the logical next step to take.  Fiveomotorsport offers a vast inventory of injectors in many possible flow rates so you will have no trouble finding a specific flow rate injector for your Jeep.  Please contact us with your individual fueling needs.

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