Friday, November 9, 2012

Fiveomotorsport 2200 cc/min Fuel Injectors

Fiveomotorsport offers ultra fast pulse-width, low dead-time, Super high-flowing fuel injectors.  We can fit these for any application from Honda F-series engines, to Subaru WRX, to Mitsubishi Evo, you name it and we can custom fit them.  We also have every style of electrical connector adapter available for Plug n' Play Fitment and also customizing your existing wiring harness.  Let us know what you need and we can make it happen for you!

Tested Flow Rates:
210 lbs/hr at 43.5 PSI, 2150 cc/min at 3.0 BAR
225 lbs/hr at 50.8 PSI, 2375 cc/min at 3.5 BAR
240 lbs/hr at 58.0 PSI, 2550 cc/min at 4.0 BAR
258 lbs/hr at 65.0 PSI, 2700 cc/min at 4.5 BAR
273 lbs/hr at 72.5 PSI, 2865 cc/min at 5.0 BAR

Latency (Dead-time table):
1.430 ms, 8 volts
1.153 ms, 10 volts
0.930 ms, 12 volts
0.750 ms, 14 volts
0.570 ms, 16 volts
0.390 ms, 18 volts

Follow the links for more information and video footage of these injectors in action.








  1. If anyone is in need of determining injector size for an EFI system, required fuel pump flow and much more visit this site

    They have a couple of calculators for your smartphone or tablet.

    Thank you!

  2. Been surfing around for a while now, i saw something here:
    About different types of fuel injectors, that some injectors get problems with Ethanol, how about these?

  3. We have fuel injectors that are specifically engineered for use with ethanol. Our Black-Ops series injectors--check them out here.