Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Subaru WRX STi Custom Fuel Injectors by FiveoMotorsport in 1000cc, 1300cc and 1600cc

Fiveomotorsport custom Black-Ops series, high performance fuel injectors for your Subaru WRX STi application. Flow matched sets are available in flow-rates of 1000cc, 1300cc and up to 1600cc.  All Black-Ops series fuel injectors are ethanol/E85 approved and are delivered with set-specific flow data to assist in achieving the perfect tune.  All flow rates are currently in stock & ready to ship world-wide.

Choose from either “wired” or “wireless” adapters to avoid having to splice any wires for easy Plug n’ Play installation.  Alternatively, pigtail connectors or connector housings and crimper pins can be substituted for a more permanent hardwired connection.  All summer long you can use coupon code FACEBOOK20 to receive a $20 discount when placing your order on our secure website.


Photo: Fiveomotorsport custom Black-Ops, high performance, fuel injectors for your Subaru WRX STI. Flow matched sets up to 1600cc. In stock & ready to ship. Use coupon FACEBOOK20

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