Monday, June 1, 2015

Flow Matched 1000cc EV14 Fuel Injector Sets Available for the Nissan GTR R35

FiveoMotorsport has Flow-Matched 1000cc Fuel Injector sets available for the Nissan GTR R35

These are custom Fiveo / Bosch EV14 high-performance fuel injectors.  Compare our price and quality to the Injector Dynamics ID1000.  Fiveo provides great products at a great price. 

Also, as an added feature the Fiveo EV14 fuel injectors are direct fit (plug and play) for the  Nissan GTR R35 with no rewiring required.  Other similar application fits include Nissan 350 370 Sentra, Infiniti, Mazda, VW, Audi L5

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