Monday, August 20, 2012

Fiveomotorsport Stage 1 Upgrade and Custom Fuel Injectors

OEM vs stage 1 upgrades

Stage 1 upgrade fuel injectors are required for vehicles with slight to moderate modification which will require an increased amount of fuel being delivered to your intake system.  When your engine requires more fuel at intake because of certain modifications, and an OE injector is no longer an option, then bumping up to a higher output fuel injector is the logical next step to take.  Fiveomotorsport offers a vast inventory of injectors in many possible flow rates so you will have no trouble finding a specific flow rate injector for your application.  For example if you need to go from a 21 lbs/hr injector to a 24 lbs/hr injector, or if you need to jump from 36 lbs to 42 lbs, while maintaining the exact fit for your application and electrical harness, we have what you are looking for.  This is just a couple of examples of the many stage 1 solutions we offer to our customers so please contact us with your individual fueling needs.

4. OEM vs Fiveomotorsport Custom manufactured fuel injectors for modified street and racing applications

For those of you that pride yourself in owning either a mildly modified or highly modified street performance car, or for those that have gone completely insane with horsepower increases for super-street or racing applications, this is definitely your area of intrigue.  Fuel, and a lot of it, is what you need to adequately feed your engine for your desired horsepower output.  We can help you determine your fueling requirements based on your vehicle's horsepower output, type of fuel you are running, type of air induction system being used and what your intended use is for the specific application.  So if your project is a daily driver or you are running quarter miles at the track, Fiveomotorsport provides high flow rate fuel injectors packaged in tested and flow-matched sets to meet your fueling requirements.  It should be noted here that we also have custom fuel injectors available for powersport applications including high performance drag bikes, ATVs, personal watercraft, marine applications and snow mobiles, in addition to modified street and racing cars and trucks.
Fiveomotorsport has a full inventory of High Performance electronic fuel injectors for US domestic, European and Asian imports. All of our custom work is performed by highly qualified technicians using industry-standard equipment to produce the highest quality product available for use in the most demanding street and racing applications. Each custom injector has been inscribed with a control number and individually tested on the newest technology equipment available. Static and dynamic flow-rates at multiple pulse-widths are recorded to achieve accurate, comparable data points; dead time/latency values are recorded over the entire voltage range (8-16 volts), and injectors are placed in tightly matched sets. Custom flow matched sets will include a flow data sheet showing information for your specific set of fuel injectors to help ensure an easy tune and linear performance at idle, at cruising speeds around town, and at high RPM. All Fiveomotorsport fuel injectors are backed by our best-in-the-business warranty. You will receive a top quality product that is at or above the industry standard whether you purchase our brand new, flow-matched, custom manufactured, high-output fuel injectors or our reconditioned OEM fuel injectors. You can be confident you are purchasing top-quality products at a great price, fully backed by our outstanding customer service and support that is not found anywhere else in the aftermarket fuel injection industry.

Learn more about Fiveomotorsport fuel injectors by visiting the individual product listings on our website, and our Facebook page.  We also have some videos posted on YouTube that can, all of which can be found using the links below...

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