Thursday, August 16, 2012

Original Equipment OE vs Cross Referrenced Fiveomotorsport Fuel Injectors

1. Original Equipment (OEM) fuel injectors by Fiveomotorsport

OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product.  When referring to automotive parts (in this case fuel injectors), OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part.  In this usage, OEM means "original equipment from manufacturer".  Some of the more common manufacturers of fuel injectors that we carry are Bosch, Siemens, Deka, Continental, Lucas, Japanese Electronics Corp. (JECS), and Denso.  When replacing your OE fuel injectors this means replacing them with the exact same parts from the original manufacturer that were in the car when it rolled off the lot in it's brand new condition.

Fiveomotorsport offers many original equipment OE fuel injectors in both new and remanufactured condition.  In many cases because of limited supply only remanufactured injectors are available to the customer.  Often times the original manufacturer will stop production on parts for older model cars; therefore, installing a remanufactured fuel injector is the only option--until now (see cross-referenced fuel injectors below).  In any case, we do stock many new and remanufactured OE fuel injectors that perform to original OEM specifications, and every fuel injector we sell is backed by our incredible 3-year warranty!

2. OEM vs Fiveomotorsport cross-referenced, stock replacement injectors

Cross referencing is the procedure of carefully selecting alternate fuel injectors to replace your original equipment (OE) injectors--the injectors that came with your vehicle.  By studying the specifications and analyzing the fit and function of the thousands of available fuel injectors in our inventory, we can almost always find a brand-new, direct replacement injector that will mimic your stock injector in every way.  The flow rate will match, the internal coil resistance will match, the spray pattern and fuel delivery will be the same, or in many cases will improve when using a brand-new, cross-referenced stock replacement in place of an OE injector.  Your vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) wil never know the difference and will have no trouble with tuning and running the new-generation fuel injectors.  Fiveomotorsport is a leader in fuel injection solutions for older and newer model vehicles, and we have developed many brand new fuel injectors to replace many of the outdated and discontinued injectors that are no longer available.

We mention the improved quality of the spray pattern in the newer generation fuel injectors because this will help atomize the fuel more effectively which will lead to better throttle response, increased fuel efficiency and gas mileage, and better overall engine performance.  As mentioned previously many OE fuel injectors are now out of production which may seem like a bad thing, but can also be looked at in a positive way.  Fuel injection technology has changed over the course of the past 30 years leaving some of the older parts feeling like antiquated and obsolete technology from days gone by.  In almost every situation we can provide an alternative, improved technology, newer generation, brand-name injector to replace the relics of the past.  In some cases there is no current replacement so for these we offer new or remanufactured OE injectors.  But, if the option is there for brand-new, increased performance engine parts, our recommendation is to go with the more efficient, cross-referenced fuel injectors.

We hope you find this information helpful.  Look for more information coming soon about our Stage 1 upgrade injectors and our high-performance street and racing fuel injectors.  Also, check out our website and facebook page.

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